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Trendsplash! develops original concepts.
Each concept has its own unique character and that is why we are looking for enthusiatic, good looking women and men for our various clients.

You can be placed as a: Host, Reception Host, Events Entertainer, Promotion Babe, Food & Beverage Employee, TV Model, Catwalk Model, Pitbabe and other jobs at the request of the client.
The assignments vary from client.

We find it important that you have a nice appearance!
Are you good looking, spontaneous, flexible, reliable and are you glamourous?
Mail us!

Conditions :

minimum age: 18 years
minimum length women: 1.70 m. (5.58 feet)
maximum size women: 38 (10)
minimum length men: 1.80 m. (5.91 feet)
maximum size men: 50 (40)
minimum 2 pictures: among which 1 portrait picture and 1 picture on which we can see you entirely.
send us also your personal information, such as: name, adress, date of birth, clothing size, shoe size, breast size, hip size, waist size, working experience and more relevant information.

Do you meet the above mentioned conditions? Mail us your pictures together with your personal information and sizes to:

We aim to respond your mail within 4 weeks!
Of course we will keep your personal information strictly confidential.

We are also looking for women and men who can perform a special act!
For this you don't have to meet to the minimum length.